moteus firmware 2023-02–01

Partly to celebrate moteus controllers being back in stock and partly because a lot of important work has backed up, we’ve just released a new firmware version for moteus (2023-02-01) that has a little bit of something for everyone. Future posts will examine some of these features in more detail, but for now you just get the bullet list:

  • Support sending and receiving arbitrary data from a UART configured on either of the auxiliary ports
  • Permit I2C encoders to operate at up to 1kHz
  • Report control position, velocity, and torque as well as the errors in tracking them over the register protocol as 0x038-0x03d
  • Provide support for synchronizing the clock of a moteus controller with a host application
  • Report hall effect errors
  • Expose the drv8353 error flags as register 0x140 and 0x141
  • Fix register 0x006 (ABS port position) to be reported in revolutions

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