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mjbots repository reorganization

In the spirit of “most of your users are yet to come”, I’ve gone through a moderate re-organization of some of the mjbots github repositories to make them more usable and sensible.

The biggest change is that mjbots/moteus has had a history rewrite and a directory structure re-organization. The current development (and default branch) is now “main”. The biggest changes:

  • Proprietary pdfs have been removed
  • All hardware which isn’t related to the moteus PCB has been removed
  • The firmware source has moved from “moteus/” to “fw/
  • The client side utilities moteus_tool and tview have moved to the “utils/” directory
  • There is now a “lib/” directory which houses client side libraries

Second, mjbots/power_dist is a new public repository that houses the power_dist board firmware and software.

Third, the hardware and software for the quad A1 is now located at mjbots/quad. This repository is rewritten to remove all things that are not quad related, and also to remove proprietary pdfs.

If you have questions about where things are, don’t hesitate to ask in the mjbots discord!