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My First Edit to a Chromium Extension

Feedly just today came out with a Pro version with support for https support! Unfortunately, the one extension I rely on, FeedlyBackgroundTab hard-codes the URL to http://cloud.feedly.com. The required code change is trivial, just updating the list of allowed websites in the manifest file. To install it though, I wasn’t sure what to expect. First I tried just editing the file directly in my “~/.config/chromium” directory. That ended up not being successful. But then I noticed the little “Developer Mode” checkbox in the Chrome extensions page. Lo and behold, it can load unpacked extensions, or pack them for you!

Now if only the Omnibar would learn some awesomeness from the Awesome bar and I would all be set.

Chrome vs. Firefox — Round 1

The address bar in Firefox is named the “Awesome Bar”, and for a good reason. Aside from some occasional stuttering, it does an amazing job putting what I want most just at the top. Unfortunately, Firefox has so many other problems that I’ve abandoned it in favor of Google Chrome.

The one thing that I miss the most is the Awesome Bar. There are probably 10 pages that I revisit every day over and over again. In Firefox, I just typed in a word from their title, and up would come the link. In Chrome, I’m lucky if the link even appears in the list of available options. Usually I have to move down to the final “see all pages in history”, for which my desired page is almost always the top link.

Did Mozilla patent their frecency algorithm or am I just missing Chrome’s special brand of awesome-ness?