nrfusb multiple slave support

The Mech Warfare turret concept I’m developing involves having basically two independent robots, the actual robot and the turret.  To make that be controllable in a sane way, the control station will command and receive telemetry from both simultaneously, allowing control actions to be given in the camera frame of reference.  Otherwise, remote piloting is… very challenging.

This could be done just by having two separate transmitters.  Since the nrfusb that I’m using is spread spectrum, many transmitters can easily co-exist at the same time.  However, the protocol is designed such that a single transmitter can simultaneously communicate with multiple slaves at the same time, simply by switching channels more frequently.

I’ve made enough progress with the turret, that I got around to actually implementing this on the nrfusb side.  The result is a few new serial commands, “slot tx2” and “slot pri2”, which let you select *which* remote you are talking to, and the ID configuration now supports multiple ids.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t lend itself to a good video demo, but the changeset is up: