Lots of frameless stators and rotors

While gearing up to make some dev-kits followed by a pre-production run of the moteus servo mk2, I recently received a bunch of frameless rotors and stators.

It’s almost taller than me!
Some stators
A rotor

As with the other custom items, I’ve got some spares of these for sale at shop.mjbots.com if you’re building along with me!  [UPDATE no longer!]

Now it’s time to start building some servos!

2 thoughts on “Lots of frameless stators and rotors

  1. Hi, thanks for posting updates on your great work! Did you get the rotors and stators entirely custom made or how did you order them?

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    1. They were both custom manufactured, although the stator is basically stock. I just contacted the factory that made the motor I had originally prototyped with and iterated engineering documents with them to get what I needed.

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