Endurance testing moteus controller r4.1

Before ordering a bigger batch of the new moteus r4.1 controller, I wanted some assurance that it would be able to run for an extended periods of time under representative loads while not breaking or having thermal issues.

r4.1 mounted up

When I did this for the r3.1 controller, I had 2 motor joints and a planar leg built and did a jumping endurance test.  I could have done that now, but building up a leg fixture was more work than I wanted to mess with at the moment, so I went with a simpler approach:

Getting ready…

I joined two of my fun past-times, robots and juggling!  I printed up an arm with a pocket, stuck a 1lb (450g) juggling ball in it, and set the thing throwing.  Mind you, this is probably one of the worst juggling robots in existence, I only built it to stress test the motor controller.  I’ve had it throwing the ball now for several hours at 4Nm without dropping, here’s a video of some of the testing.




4 thoughts on “Endurance testing moteus controller r4.1

  1. Hello. I have been following your work for over 6 months now and find you do a great job. I want to order a moteus controller. Can you tell me how much it costs / pcs? How can i order it?


      1. I will order as soon as your product is ready. I am considering replacing oDrive. Great if your controller supports up to 56V or 48V. Hope you sell this soon 🙂


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