Ramping up for moteus servo mk2

Some time ago I put in orders for all the long lead time items on a second version of the moteus servo.  This is primarily aimed at improving the manufacturability and reliability, along with some minor performance improvements.  I’ve now got at least samples of all the long lead time parts in house!

Loads of bearings
A lot of custom gears
A sample batch of custom rotors and stators

Coming up soon I’ll post a more detailed design update on the servo.


2 thoughts on “Ramping up for moteus servo mk2

  1. Very cool. I know it’s not directly moteus/SMMB related, but would love to see a blog post on your process for sourcing these parts, beyond the obvious go-to-AliExpress-and-click-add-to-cart; specifically the discussions around buying stator/rotor only, tolerances, prices, custom specs for the ring gears, etc. Custom orders – and sourcing in general for that matter – is something that’s always seemed somewhat intimidating.


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