Connecting up the turret

With the turret functioning in isolation, now I needed to mount it on the robot and get things communicating.

Mounting was easy, I 3d printed a bracket that fits the turret on one side, and mounts to the 4 hard mounts on the top of the gearbox chassis.

Turret mounted on chassis
Turret mounted on chassis

More time consuming was updating the control software to communicate with it.  The old turret used the HerkuleX protocol, and when I integrated the moteus RS485 based servos, I took a few shortcuts that I knew would need to be resolved later.  And the future is now!

In any case, the class which operated the servo actually owned the RS485 transport, which had to be factored out so that the turret class could share.  Also, I went above and beyond and tried to maintain the HerkuleX based operation too, in case I ever went back to the old chassis and turret.

Surprisingly, virtually no debugging was required once I got the basic functionality working.  The old joystick controls moved everything just as it should.