Chassis for gearbox based lateral servos

dThe original chassis I had built for the brushless servo quadruped was designed around the aluminum bracket that was used in the Titan XOAR 6008 leg.  For a quadruped that uses the BE8108 gearbox for the lateral mechanism, a new attachment mechanism was necessary.  While I was at it, I made some other improvements as well.

  1. The battery is switched to use an off the shelf cordless power tool battery.
  2. The chassis is a shell, where most wiring can be run inside, including the IMU junction board.
  3. Dedicated inserts are in place on the top for a suspension fixture to be attached.

This was once again a record for the longest print I’ve made on my Prusa mk3s, 31 hours and change.

Chassis with support
Chassis with support
Chassis with support removed
Chassis with support removed

The design files are all on github:

I’ve since decided that it would make more sense to print this in pieces that are bolted together.  Actually installing all the hardware was tricky down in the depths, but it does seem to be functional.

2 thoughts on “Chassis for gearbox based lateral servos

  1. Has been fun reading these updates! It would be really cool to at some point get a lab tour / overview of sorts of all the equipment / CAD tools you use for building parts. Much of the pieces have been discussed over time (e.g the 3d printer) and some tools mentioned, but I’m imagining a post that would describe how one might reproduce your setup if they wished to go all Tony Stark too 🙂


    1. That’s a cool idea, although it may be a bit underwhelming. 😉

      Right now I’m focused on getting things ready for the Bay Area Maker Faire. I’ll give it a try when I return from that.


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