Quadruped chassis

Now that I have a semi-reliable actuator, I need to connect 4 of them together into a single quadruped robot.  Additionally, it needs to be able to mount a battery, the turret, and all the other miscellaneous pieces of a walking robot.

My draft design looks like this in CAD:


The four corners each are set to mount one leg to.  The central cavity will eventually house a battery compartment.  On the top is a mounting location for the turret, and the front has mounting studs for a power distribution PCB.  Each of the screw holes is designed to take a thermoplastic insert heat fit into place.

This, printed on the Prusa MK3s looks like:

Quadruped Chassis
Quadruped Chassis printed on Prusa MK3s

This is in Prusament PETG Jet Black at 0.15m layer height, 3 width perimeters, and custom supports.  With one leg, a battery resting in its cavity, and the junction board mounted, it looks like:

Quadruped Chassis Test Fit
Quadruped Chassis Test Fit

Next, I need to get an actual battery tray installed and build enough legs to attach all four of them.

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