Mammal geometry legs

Before committing to the side-by-side 4-bar linkage leg for SMMB’s new actuators, I wanted to give a try with a more traditional mammal geometry.  That was my preference to begin with, but my initial motor evaluation didn’t find any motors which had sufficient torque without a gearbox, and adding a gearbox in a simple way changed the dimensions enough that mammal geometries weren’t feasible.  I spent some time looking for new options, and I found at least one which was promising, the XOAR Titan 6008.

XOAR Titan 6008
XOAR Titan 6008

On paper it provides the same order of magnitude of torque as the 3508 without needing a gearbox.  It’s diameter is of course larger, but not actually that much once you consider the gearbox hardware I had developed for the Turnigy 3508.  I’ve drafted up a test leg geometry, and the overall dimensions are about the same as for the 3508 variant.  Here you can see a side-by-side CAD model of the gearbox leg vs the direct drive leg.

The first sample, as usual with my 3d printing efforts, needed a moderate amount of whittling and post-machining, but does fit together and operate.

Next up is installing it in the jumping fixture and seeing what it can do there.